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  • Jalali date PHP function  v.1.0A PHP class to provide PHP date() function as a Jalali date. It gets all valid format characters of date function and return Jalali output.
  • Function Points  v.1.1Progressive Function Point Estimation Workbook in excel to provide Function Point Analysis with greater accuracy for real time project estimation. Include ability to estimate both function point count, cost and schedule estimate reliably. Allow ...
  • Easy Java Function Parser  v.1.0This application is a pure java application which enables the developer to parse and evaluates expression as a function.The main operations which are supported in this application are:Add,Minus,Multiply,Divide,And,Or:| ,Strength:^ ...
  • The Iterative Function System Visualizer  v.1.0Visifs is a tool to render data generated from iterative function systems. The network distributed components consist of a server, any number of workers, and a GUI remote control to manage, number-crunch, and visualize the rendering process, respectively ...
  • Haskell Cryptographic Hash Function Lib  v.1.0Cryptographic Hash Function Library written in Haskell using Abstract Data Types and Monads (using GHC library) ...
  • Dynamic function call tracing  v.1.0Function call tracing in the Linux kernel and userspace applications. Dynamically sets probes (using VProbes, a KProbes variant) and displays the function call trace of a process calling kernel or application functions. The superior of strace and ltrace.
  • Media Resource Function  v.1.0This is an open-source IMS compliant Media Gateway Resource Function (MRF). It is commonly known as a Media Gateway or Media Server. The project is based on RFC 5022. This media server can be used in applications like IVR, PBX, Voice-mail servers.
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